Andy Gleiser, Staff Evangelist

The Gleiser Family

The Gleiser Family

Andy Gleiser was the Student Ministries Pastor at Burge Terrace 2001-2014. A consistent theme across Andy’s preaching and teaching is helping students to learn, live, and give the gospel of Jesus Christ entirely by God’s grace. He has written several modern hymns and is the founder of 3G Ministries. He also serves on the board for Morris Gleiser Ministries.

After his high school days in Kansas City, Andy graduated from Bob Jones University with a degree in pastoral studies. He also holds a Master of Ministry degree from Northland International University.

Andy met the love of his life when he was in the ninth grade. He and Bryn began married life together on June 23, 2001, and she remains the keeper of his heart. They have three children (Charis, Drew, and Amberly).

Outside of his family and preaching, Andy’s passion is baseball. He is most happy when his St. Louis Cardinals are ahead of the Chicago Cubs in the standingsā€¦he is often happy.